Winter 2019

A Tale of Two Scandals

Gwynn Magnan


Bangladesh and the Reality of Climate Refugees

Madeline Metras


We’ve Done it Before: A Lesson in Optimism from Ed Broadbent

Rebecca Frost


Macron’s “Great Debate” – Les Gilets Jaunes in France

John Bryan


Balancing Hope with Hazard: A Way Forward to Responsibly Manage Genome Editing

Ben Wright


India’s Divisive Responses to the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill Continues to Breed Controversy

Greer Brodie-Hall


Moria: The Darkness at The End of The Tunnel

Ursula Greig-Steinmetz


Creating policy, influencing action: female genital mutilation today?

Trish Rooney


Unfolding Sino-Canadian Conflict and What This Situation Tells Us About China on the International Stage

Madeline Metras


The Force of Hungarian Identity

Rebecca Frost


A Government En Impasse: Shutdown Overview

Gwynn Magnan


The Controversial Use of Extraterritorial Jurisdiction by the United States

Emily Xu


Science and public policy making: Scientifically informed decisions in government

Ben Wright