winter 2018

Is the Trudeau Government High on Power over the Senate?

Haleigh Johns


Profit and Privatization: The Prison Industrial Complex in the United States

Owen Saunders


Global Democracy: Is it time to worry?

Evan Wilson


Canada’s Peacekeeping Missing in Mali: First-Class Decision or Disaster-in-Waiting?

J. Read Leask


Agent Orange: A Part of History Still Needing Action

Greer Brodie-Hall


American Tax Reform and Privatizing of International Aid

Owen Saunders


Mental Health, Freewill, and the Justice System

Jesse Martin


Mexican Elections: Biting the Populist Bullet

Ben Dinsdale


The Growth of Democratic Armed Forces Since WWII

Michael Kocsis


Baloch Insurgency Continues Amid CPEC Development and International PR Campaign

Matt McGregor


Faith, Partisanship, and National Identity: Northern Ireland in Crisis as Familiar Foes Resurface

Jack Walsh


The Proliferation of Fentanyl in Canada

Eli Berman


The Pyeongyang Olympics: Mirage or Miracle 

Jesse Martin


A Frozen War 

Aidan Chalmers


Artistic Representations of Democratic Militarism

Michael Koscsis


Undemocratic Democracy: the Paradox of Russian Politics

Nick Scott


Macron Walks a Thin Line with New ‘Fake News’ Law

John Bryan

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 17.13.43.png

The Iranian Protests: It’s all the Economy

Ben Dinsdale


Is Green Energy Sustainable? An Examination of Rare Earth

Cade Cowan


Why Has the World Turned a Blind Eye to the World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis?

Jeremy Jingwei


The Importance of Small-State Leadership in 2018

Cody Given

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 17.14.50.png

Bitcoin and the Future of Digital Currency

Rebecca Frost