Fall 2017

Just Another Pawn: Lebanon in the Saudi-Iran Conflict

Jesse Martin


The Internet Is About to Change and This Is What You Need to Know

Michelle Meringer


Climate Refugees

Sari Ohsada


A New Era for Zimbabwe

Jack Walsh


Violence in Paradise: Escalations of Violence in Jamaica

Haleigh Johns


Democratic Militarism in the 21st Century

Michael Kocsis


China and South Korea Come to Terms on THAAD Dispute

Matt McGregor


The Olympics: The Acceptance of Devastation to What Degree?

Greer Brodie-Hall


A Fall From Grace: A Look Back at Enrique Peña Nieto’s Time in Mexico’s Presidential Palace

J. Read Leask


Fake News!

Chris Zhang


Colombia’s Fragile Peace

Aidan Chalmers


Getting the Band Back Together: A revitalized Shinzo Abe emerges a larger global figure as mega-trade deal shows vital signs

Konner Fung Kee Fung


Tunisian Democracy: Will it Survive?

Evan Wilson


Desperate for Change, Many Brazilians are Turning to Jair Bolsonaro

John McKerron


How Can We Think About the Czech Election?

John Bryan


The Fourth Industrial Revolution: AI and Automation

Jesse Martin


A Story of Two Chinas: Xi’s Vision and China’s Economic Reality

Eric Liu


How Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Troubles are Impacting its Hurricane Recovery Effort

Rebecca Frost


Dancing with a Dragon: What Big Chinese Investments Mean for Latin America

By: Jack Walsh


The Struggle for Peace in Somalia

By: Jeremy Jingwei


Are environmental concerns changing the face of Chinese politics?

Alexander Perlier


The Red Market: International Organ Trade

Michelle Meringer


Who is to Blame for the Humanitarian Crisis in Myanmar?

John McKerron


Re-Running Elections Through the Court in Kenya: A Dangerous Game

Jacob D’Souza


July 14th, 2017: The Start of a new Franco-American Military Era?

Nick Scott


Classifying Terrorism

Cody Given


The Ongoing Persistence of Corruption in Guatemalan Politics

Eli Berman


The Future of Iraqi-Kurdistan

Ben Dinsdale


New and Not-so-improved: South Sudan's Transitional Government

Monique Sereno 


Saudi Arabia’s Election to the Committee on the Status of Women

Landon Wilcock


South Africa’s Executive Shake-up Questions Zuma’s Legitimacy

Josh Finkelstein


Violence and Instability in Maduro's Venezuela

Haleigh Johns


Why China Stands Behind a Country Few Else Will

Jaocb D'Souza


Erdogan's Disregard for Democracy

Noah Buffam


Puerto Rico Bankruptcy and Austerity Plan Failing Citizens

Rebecca Frost


Trumpcare: A Tough Pill to Swallow for His Supporters?

Julia Carver